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With Bitcoin, you can buy a Giffgaff Top Up Voucher online

Top up your giffgaff Pay As You Go phone in seconds with a top up voucher. It's also super convenient, and you can pay using a variety of methods. An email with the top up code will be sent to you immediately. Redeem it directly and you’ll be able to use your new giffgaff prepaid phone balance no matter what time it is or where you are!

Receive your top up code instantly by email!

You just need to choose the amount of credit you wish to add to your Pay As You Go phone. You can choose from over cryptocurrency payment options. Upon successful payment, your Giffgaff top up code will appear directly on the screen. The invoice and redemption instructions will also be sent to you by email immediately.

Giffgaff prepaid top-up instructions

Giffgaff prepaid can be topped up with a voucher without logging into your account. From within the UK, dial 43430 for free and follow the instructions. If prompted, enter your top-up code.

Are you concerned about the credit on your loved one's phone? You can also use this voucher to top up someone else's Pay As You Go phone. You just need to dial #31#43430 from your phone and enter the giffgaff mobile number you wish to top up. You'll need your Giffgaff top up code too, so have it handy.

You can check your Giffgaff prepaid balance by dialing *100# from your mobile phone.

Until when is my Giffgaff credit valid?

Your Giffgaff SIM must be activated every 6 months by making a call or sending a text. To avoid losing your remaining credit, use your mobile phone regularly.