Free Fire 210 + 21 Diamonds


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Free Fire

With the Free Fire Gift Cards, you can get diamonds quickly and easily

You can easily top up your account with more diamonds with a Free Fire Gift Card. Spend your diamonds on skins and weapons when you join the battle royale on your mobile phone. Because you don't need to use the App Store or Play Store to purchase in-game items, the instant gift card code keeps it convenient and safe for you. To make your wallet full of diamonds, simply use the gift code!

Getting it by email is easy!

Our different secure payment methods will allow you to select the amount of diamonds you want to purchase. The gift code will appear on your screen and be emailed to you. Redeem it directly to add more diamonds to your Garena account.What is this Free Fire??

Among the most popular battle royale games available on mobile devices, Garena Free Fire is very popular In 2019, it was awarded the "Best Popular Voted Game" on Google Play’s "Best Apps of the Year" list. Despite sounding simple, the gameplay is exciting and engaging. In the beginning of the game, your character jumps out of a plane and lands on an island with only a parachute. To gain an edge in battle, find weapons and other utilities. Don't be late! You and 50 other players want to make it through the 10-minute round alive. Will you succeed?   

How are diamonds used in Free Fire?

PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash or Apex Legends Coins are similar to Diamonds in Free Fire. With this in-game currency, you can purchase items such as weapons, pets, and (vehicle) skins. You will also gain access to Misha, Nikita, Kelly, Kapella and more. Furthermore, you can also participate in Diamond Spin and Luck Royale to obtain various skins and upgrades for your weapons with your diamonds.