Fortnite 40 USD – 5000 V-Bucks (PC)


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With a Fortnite Gift Card, you can easily buy V-Bucks

With a digital Gift Card, you can easily get V-Bucks. Fortnite players who wish to purchase in-game content without linking a credit card to the game can now use Fortnite Pay. Cryptocurrencies secure payment methods are available at GiftoCard to purchase this V-Bucks Card. It will appear on your screen a few seconds later, so you can redeem your gift card code directly on Epic Games' website. The code will also be emailed to you immediately. You're done! Get the credit you need in seconds to purchase new outfits, emotes, pickaxes, and even Battle Passes. Enjoy all the fun, without worrying about overspending, unexpected costs, or recurring costs!

This card is only redeemable on US PlayStation accounts. The offer is valid for all other platforms: PC/Mac, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. The content you purchased is available on all of your linked devices, including PlayStation.

Do you have kids? V-Bucks would be a great gift for them

Do you still have room for more Fortnite merchandise in your home? Then send a digital gift card to your Fortnite fan. As well as receiving the gift card code instantly via email, you can also add similar digital products to make the gift even more impressive.  These other games are sure to appeal to Fortnite players as well. Choose from one of our many free designs for your gift card. Then select your favorite, add a personal message, and download the PDF as a gift voucher. You can print it out or send it by email immediately. It's sure to please any gamer.

Is this V-Bucks Gift Card redeemable on my PlayStation?

The gift card can only be redeemed on US PlayStation accounts. However, other regions can easily get their V-Bucks for PlayStation from the PSN Store with a PSN Card.

What amount of V-Bucks should I buy for my child?

Depending on how much your kid plays Fortnite. You can purchase a Battle Pass for about ten weeks for 1,000 V-Bucks ($10). This will satisfy your kid for more than two months. A dance (emote) costs 200 V-Bucks, while certain skins cost 1,500 V-Bucks. Definitely a good way to teach your kids about money! Is there a pricey skin when they receive a certain amount of money to spend every month? If so, they may have to save up for it. Perfect!

V-Bucks Gift Cards have several advantages

If you live with, say, young adults who are addicted to the game, keeping track of in-game purchases can be challenging. How can you keep your wallet safe and keep them entertained? Get a Fortnite Gift Card. It's especially useful when you're not sure what device or console they prefer to play the game on. V-Bucks Cards are ideal for anyone who plays on multiple platforms. It is easy to redeem on the Epic Games page so every Fortnite player can use it.

The Redeeming Process

Every Fortnite player receives an Epic Game account. You just need to link your platform to it. You can then redeem your V-Bucks code to whichever platform you prefer (depending on where you are).

V-Bucks work on all devices?

The V-Bucks can currently be redeemed globally, excluding PlayStation consoles, through a user's Epic account. PlayStation V-Bucks Gift Cards can only be redeemed by users in the United States at this time. Otherwise, it can be redeemed globally.

Date of expiration:

I have good news! There is no expiration date on this Fortnite gift card, so you can use it whenever you like.

What are V-Bucks

Fortnite's in-game currency is called V-Bucks. Even though the game is free to play, having a few extra bucks can definitely enhance the experience. With the Fortnite Item Shop, they can be exchanged for new outfits, skins, emotes and more for the game characters. Using them you can also purchase Battle Passes and unlock a variety of customization options, challenges, and experience boosts.