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FIFA 20 - Points (PS4) PSN GERMANY

FIFA 20 may offer entertaining solo play, but most of us will inevitably gravitate towards the Ultimate Team mode. Who wouldn't want their favorite players to be on one team, playing and scoring victories left and right? If you need a boost, we are here to help - buy FIFA 20 points and make sure you are the first to sign the best players. FIFA points will surely help.

Legendary icons

In the selection of players to include in your Ultimate Team, you will find the famous faces of the past. Include legends such as Zidane, Pirlo, and many others in your line-up to ensure your team can withstand any challenge. You can select available packs that you think will increase your chances, purchase with the currency of your choice (keep in mind that the price with FIFA points is cheaper) and see what you get. With FIFA 20 points, you can purchase players and consumables that will boost your experience.

Draft Tokens

Back by popular demand, FUT Draft returns. You must use a Draft Token or FIFA points to unlock this competitive mode. There are 4 consecutive matches in the competition, both offline and online. While playing Draft, you need to keep in mind that you are given a random selection of players to choose from. You will not keep the stars you pick regardless of the player you have.

Enhance your experience

If you purchase FIFA 20 points, you will be able to get ahead in FUT Draft - earn rewards according to your performance and build your fantasy team from the ground up; or you can purchase the available packs to take direct control over the process. FUT points are an in-game addition that's definitely worth your time, energy, and resources. Get them today!

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