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Online ecoPayz ecoVouchers are easy to get

Would you like to explore online payment solutions without a credit card? Make online payments secure and private with ecoVoucher from ecoPayz. You can pay safely on thousands of entertainment, gaming, and shopping websites. GiftoCard provides you with your code instantly by email, and with every purchase, you are automatically credited with Dundle Coins. Pay online with ease and security now!

The ecoPayz voucher is sent instantly to your email address

Pay conveniently with one of our cryptocurrency payment options and load any amount of money on your voucher. Immediately following your transaction, your code will appear on the screen, and an email will be sent to you.

EcoVoucher: What is it?

EcoVoucher, offered by ecoPayz, is the ideal method for anyone who wants to make a more secure online payment. Using it, you no longer have to enter your personal payment information into web shops or entertainment websites. Simply use the voucher code to pay with, or to top up your ecoPayz account or for paying directly on any website that accepts ecoPayz payments.

What is the validity of ecoVoucher?

After purchase, the voucher code is valid for 12 months. The ecoVoucher code can only be used once, and the balance must be applied in its entirety.

Is it possible to use a EUR ecoVoucher in another country?

You can do it! You simply need to use the ecoVoucher deposit option on your ecoPayz account. By top-up your account and converting the EUR into your currency, you can top up your account. A 2.99% fee is applied to each deposit. Depending on the currency or region, there may also be a small conversion fee. If you deposit prepaid credit to your account, you can use the balance to pay in another country or currency.

 What should I do with my ecoVoucher?

You can use your voucher to top up your ecoPayz online wallet. If you have any balance left you can then pay online. You should take this option if you do not have Euros in your country. The prepaid balance can also be used directly on any website that accepts this payment method in Euro countries.

  What account do I need to use the ecoVoucher?

You do not need an ecoPayz account to use ecoVoucher in Euro countries. Creating an ecoPayz account is necessary if you live in a country with a different currency or want to pay on a website in a currency other than Euro. You must then deposit the ecoVoucher into your account. If you have completed that step, you will be able to pay for anything on any website that accepts ecoPayz, regardless of the currency. As a result, one can avoid most issues associated with paying with a voucher. A fee may apply.

 Are ecoVouchers subject to any fees?

For the latest information on fees for paying with ecoVoucher it’s best to check the EcoPayz fees & limits, or their terms and conditions page. When you deposit a voucher into your account, you will be charged a small fee of 2,99%. Exchange rates may apply. A merchant may charge you additional transaction fees if you use the voucher to pay at their website.

 Is it possible to use more than one ecoVoucher at once?

EcoVouchers can only be used once per transaction. Full redemption is required.