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Adding prepaid balance to your E-Plus account online

provides a quick and easy way to purchase E-Plus prepaid credit. Here you can top up your E-Plus credit 24/7 using any method you choose. In addition, you will receive your recharge code by email instantly, so it won't take long for you to get new mobile phone credit to make calls and chat with friends.

How do I recharge ALDI Talk with E-Plus?

You can definitely do that. ALDI Talk reused the old E-Plus network when it was taken over by O2, which later discontinued the E-Plus name. Consequently, you can reload your ALDI Talk prepaid phone with E-Plus prepaid cards. Read more about recharging ALDI Talk prepaid with E-Plus prepaid cards (Text is in German).

The company is now O2.

Existing customers are being transferred from E-Plus to O2, as already mentioned. Thus, former E-Plus SIM cards can be partially topped up with O2 credit and partially work with E-Plus recharge cards. To find out whether your prepaid phone still works with E-Plus credit, simply enter *107# and press the call button. You will see whether you are still using E-Plus or whether you have already been transferred to O2. If you have been switched to O2, we recommend you use O2 recharge vouchers to top up your prepaid phone credit.