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Is Crunchyroll gift card available online? By using it, you will receive a free subscription to Crunchyroll Premium. The manga chapters are also made available to you as soon as they're published. All supported devices, such as Wii U, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Roku Box, and many more, allow you to binge-watch Promised Neverland, Hero Academia, Black Clover, or enjoy reading manga. Receive the redemption code for your Crunchyroll gift card via email instantly when you order it online. Simple!

Your Crunchyroll Premium code will be emailed to you immediately.

Crunchyroll Premium subscriptions are available in 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. If you subscribe for longer periods, the cost will be lower! Your redemption code will be emailed to you immediately after you pay with one of our secure payment methods. Activate your membership directly at the Crunchyroll website.

We are here to help you if you encounter any trouble redeeming your code. They are happy to assist you via email or chat.

How does Crunchyroll work?

Crunchyroll is the most popular Japanese anime, manga, and jdorama streaming service worldwide. Through its library of anime and jdrama - such as "Naruto Shippuden", "Attack on Titan," and "Dragon Ball Super" - it allows users to keep up to date with the latest manga chapters as soon as they are published. You can watch its content on many different platforms and devices, including Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Apple, Android, Windows, Roku Box, and Fire TV.

Why should I join Crunchyroll?

Anime, Jdoramas, and manga are all free to watch with a Crunchyroll Premium Membership. One hour after Japanese broadcasts, anime episodes are available online, and as soon as a manga chapter is published, it is online. There's also a Crunchyroll store where you can get membership discounts. Even better, you can also guarantee that the creators' revenue comes from your subscription. For each anime fan, it's a real win-win situation!

Crunchyroll offers anime and manga in which languages?

Although most Japanese anime is dubbed in English, it is usually streamed in its original language with subtitles in English. In addition to English subtitles, episodes are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Russian, and Italian. Manga books are all available in English.

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Does your loved one enjoy anime viewing and manga reading? Give them this gift card! With a Crunchyroll gift card, they will be able to watch anime, read manga, and binge-watch their favorite anime series. You could also provide Netflix or Hulu cards to make them never want to leave the couch!