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★ Online top up for Congstar (Germany)

Are you interested in purchasing a Congstar top up voucher? Your Congstar balance can be topped up quickly by using our digital recharge code. Once you have paid with one of our online payment methods, you will receive the recharge code by email. You can now browse, text, and make calls on your prepaid mobile phone once you recharge it.

✔ Choose from different payment options.

In no time at all, you can buy Congstar prepaid credit online. Numerous payment options are available. After the transaction, you will receive the Congstar Top Up code by e-mail.

✔ Here are instructions for using the code.

With the cash code you have received from us, you can immediately fund your Congstar account online. The key combination *101*CODE# (and replace CODE with the recharge code you received from us) can also be used to top up your prepaid account.

✔ Find out how to check the Congstar balance.

Would you like to know how much Congstar prepaid credit you still have? Your German Constar phone can be easily contacted at 9577 to find out. Congstar mobile phones can be programmed for faster service by entering the service code *100# and sending it with the call button. The balance of your account will be shown immediately.