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To buy cryptocurrency online, get your Bitnovo Voucher

Do you want to purchase cryptocurrency online in a convenient and safe way? Bitnovo vouchers are just what you need! You can use your voucher code like a prepaid card for over 20 different cryptocurrencies. You'll receive the voucher code by email within seconds when you place your order at Alternatively, you can also redeem it online or via the Bitnovo mobile app. All you need is a Bitnovo account and you don't have to share any personal information. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies can easily be purchased with Bitnovo Vouchers!

We will email your Bitnovo Voucher immediately.

You can purchase a Bitnovo Prepaid Voucher by selecting its value and choosing one of the different secure payment options we offer. You will receive your voucher instantly after selecting the value and selecting a payment option. You must redeem it within 3 months. That's it! Our customer service team is here to help you redeem your voucher.

How does Bitnovo work?

Bitnovo Vouchers are a simple way to diversify your crypto wallet. On Bitnovo's platform, you can choose from a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Their list of cryptocurrencies currently has 20 options to choose from. You can buy, store, and send a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with Bitnovo. After redeeming your voucher code, you can send your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world or even sell it for euros!

Is it easy to redeem my Bitnovo voucher code?

Just redeem your code on the official Bitnovo website or in the app by entering the code we email to you. During redemption, choose the cryptocurrency you would like to use and enter the wallet address. Cryptocurrency credits will be instantly converted to your wallet address. If you don't already have one, easily create a crypto wallet in moments!

When do Bitnovo Vouchers expire?

They are valid for 3 months after purchase. Be sure to redeem them within that period.

Is a crypto wallet required to use the Bitnovo Voucher?

Definitely. Is one required? Easily create a Bitnovo wallet (for bitcoin and Dash only) or another wallet of your choice.

Which cryptocurrencies are available with Bitnovo?

Branch out from Bitcoin and discover a wide range of new crypto opportunities.Similar to Crypto Voucher, use your Bitnovo Voucher to buy Litecoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies! You can find a list of currently available cryptocurrencies online. The list of available cryptocurrencies may be updated over time, so check the latest version on their full list of available cryptocurrencies to choose the right ones.

Does my Bitnovo Voucher have to be redeemed in full at one time?

You can only redeem your voucher once, so make sure you use the whole amount when redeeming the voucher.

Is it possible to redeem more than one Bitnovo Voucher at a time?

Yes, you will save on mining fees if you do so. Just select the “Redeem Several Coupons” option on the Bitnovo Redeem Page.

How does the Bitnovo app work?

Redeem your vouchers and store your bitcoin easily in one secure space with the help of a Bitnovo wallet app for iOS and Android. You can even sell cryptocurrencies directly from the application without requiring any registration or verification. Nevertheless, their integrated wallet is limited to storing bitcoins and Dash only. So make sure you have an external wallet to send your other cryptocurrencies to should you wish to store another variety.