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It's easy to top up your A1 B.free prepaid balance online

Do you want more A1 B.free prepaid phone credits? Simply reload your phone with a code. We offer different methods for online payments. The code is emailed to you immediately after your payment. Your prepaid phone credit can be topped up 24/7 with this prepaid phone credit recharge code. No matter what time of day you prefer, whether at home or on the road - your prepaid mobile phone can be recharged whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you,

B.free prepaid credit immediately delivered

Various payment options are available, all of which are secure and fast. We don't want you to waste time topping up your prepaid phone credit! Immediately after you make a purchase with us, you will receive an email with the recharge code. Use it to top up your B.Free balance. You'll love it!

How does B.free work?

A1 or Telekom Austria offers the practical B.free prepaid card. The company has more than 5 million subscribers. This is not surprising since A1's network is exceptionally reliable, customer service is easy to reach, and its prices are competitive. Various prepaid rates are available from A1 B.free to fit a wide range of needs. More information about the prepaid rates can be found on the A1 B.free website.

How do I check the balance of my B.free account?

You can check your balance in several ways. You can check your balance by pressing *101#. Dial this number on your smartphone. Your current A1 credit will be text messaged to you. For balance inquiries, call +43-(0)800 664 295 1. To top up A1, call the same number. You can also download the "My A1" app to your mobile device. We also offer prepaid credit from many other mobile phone providers. In this way, you can get all your mobile credit at one time and in one place. Our mission is to make our prepaid phone credit recharging service simple and fast for as many of our customers as possible.