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ArcheAge 3250 credits


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ArcheAge - 3250 Credits

Buy ArcheAge 3250 Credits Pack and give your character the best fighting chance they can have! There’s a great variety to pick from in the Marketplace, and whether you want to make your hero look nice, give them a boost or just get some knickknacks to move you along faster, everything is there for the taking.


Perhaps one of the best things you can buy with your Credits is the 1-month-long service of Patron. It sets your account as a kind of preferred to the normal ones, meaning you will not have to wait if servers are full, just hop in and start playing. Buy ArcheAge 3250 Credits Pack and receive exp boost - a great help when leveling, making the grind easier. You get loyalty points (a special sort of currency that you may exchange with the designated merchant, granting you otherwise unreachable rewards) and a deed to some land, allowing you to build your house or a farm there!

Labor points

But the highlight of Patron system is the improvement to your Labor points, their acquisition, and spending. Labor points are a unique sort of currency within the game. They are needed to craft something, complete trade runs or anything related to professions. Basically, once you buy ArcheAge 3250 Credits Pack, these handy things just drop to your lap! Normally, they accumulate over the time you are logged in. However, if you cannot spend each and every moment online, being Patron is the next best thing, as the Labor point renew even when you are offline! So, you can get a good night’s sleep and still craft whatever is in your to-do list; all in one sitting!


But of course, the utility is not the only thing you can find in the Marketplace. Get that outfit you wanted, or maybe you desire a new event mount… or perhaps all of the above? Buy ArcheAge 3250 Credits Pack and design the character to be however you want them to: bright and shiny, or dark and clothed in shadows. There are many uses for your Credits, so take your pick and enjoy the game!