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The best TV series on the planet are available online.

There are over 5000 hours of premium TV content from the US, Europe, and Russia. Popular features and documentaries. Concerts and shows. Broadcast live across the globe. There are no ads, HD images, two soundtracks, and translations of your favorite studios, all cheaper than going to the movies.

   ◆ Fan translation of favorite dubbing studios.

   ◆ The audio tracks are in Russian and English.

    ◆Subtitles in Russian.

   ◆ HD and Full-HD pictures are available.

   ◆ AMEDIATEKA received the Runet Prize 2014 for Culture, Media and Mass Communications.

   ◆ AMEDIATEKA is available through a browser on desktop and laptop computers, as well as on iOS, Android and Smart TV applications.

  ◆  With AMEDIATEKA, users have access to online broadcasting of AMEDIA Premium TV channels (including television series premieres, film premieres, and TV shows), which includes outstanding foreign TV shows and films from major studios and countries worldwide.

① As an introduction: On SMART TVs (Samsung, LG, Phillips):

Open the "Profile" section in the side menu;

Click on "I have a promo code"

Enter the promo code in the code entry window.

②  On the website:

Go to and register using a web browser;

In the "Purchases" section, enter the promo code in the "Promo code" field;

- Watch TV shows.

③ When using iOS on a mobile device:

Select the "Subscriptions" tab in the Amediateki application;

Choose the subscription that activates the promotional code you received;

Click the subscription price;

You will be prompted to enter a promo code in a pop-up window;

- Once you enter the promo code, it will be activated;

Have fun watching.

④ For Android-based mobile devices:

- Open the Amediateki application;

Choose "Promo code" in the side menu of the application;

- Enter the promo code in the window that opens and click "OK";

- The promo code is activated, and you can watch the Amediatek.

5. On mobile devices with Windows Phone / Mobile:

- Go to the Amediateki application;

- To call the application menu, click on the ellipsis in the lower right corner and select "Profile";

- Enter the promo code in the "Promo code" column and click "Activate";

- The promo code is activated. Play TV shows sooner rather than later.

⚠You will not be able to activate promotional codes if there are no subscriptions built in to the application.